We have several resource categories for you to explore.


This is the place for you when you’re just getting started with WordPress. We cover all the same categories as you see below, we just do it at the beginner level. Much more effort is put into explaining the details of how things get done.


Every site uses plugins to get things done. From custom footers to memberships, plugins add tremendous functionality to your site. Here we cover what they are, how they work, and configuring them.

When you’re looking for information about developing plugins, please click over to the Development Page.


Themes are what make your site look nice. Think of WordPress as the house, Themes as the paint, carpet, lights and art, and Plugins as the appliances, furnace, and furniture. Themes covers everything you need to know about changing the appearance of your site.

We do also talk about developing themes. Click over to the Development Page for that information.


Content is King, right? Content is the reason people visit a site. Whether you’re writing, speaking, or podcasting – it’s all content. This is where you find out how to do it, where to put it, and how to monetize.


It’s one thing to use a plugin, theme, or even WordPress. Making them from scratch or crafting a fix is a completely different ball of wax. This is the area when we talk about building things, making fixes, and everything related to code.

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