WPToronto hosts several Meetup events every month. We have hands-on working sessions, presentations, and demonstrations. The events are also geared to different skill levesl; from beginner to coder. Visit WPToronto on Meetup to see coming events and RSVP.

WP News

This is where you find, of course, news and updates about WordPress.


Everyone’s favourite annual WordPress event, right? You can definitely connect with #WCTO here. You can also connect with other WordCamps. Do you have photos and stories you want to share about a WordCamp you attended? We’re happy to have you share them here.


This is all about the larger WordPress Community in Canada and the nearby U.S. Wondering what’s happening in Ann Arbor, Ottawa, Syracuse or Montreal? This is the place to find out.

Get Interviewed

What is your story with WordPress? The successes you’ve achieved, the challenges you’ve faced, and the solutions you’ve discovered. That’s what we’re sharing here. It really is all about you.