WordPress Toronto – North Edition #13

Notes on meetup.com

eCommerce for Businesses

A vendor-neutral review of several membership and ecommerce plugins

Restrict Content Pro
WooCommerce + Memberships + Subscriptions  <- reviewed this one
Paid Memberships Pro <-next month
Review Shopify

Great meetup to kick off 2017. We had some regulars come out which was nice to see. We are getting a nice crew to share — sort of like “Cheers, where everyone knows your name…”

David Gilbert is working on his voice over site.
Erez Elias launched http://allthewayupmedia.com/ – CONGRATS!
We reviewed Fernne’s WIP (website in progress). URL to be shared when it’s ready, right Fernne? 🙂

I wanted to share this excellent article for Fernne. The focus on content and structure BEFORE you design your site is critical. It’s a step many forget to take — coming up with your unique value proposition to intersperse throughout your website is critical. But there is a lot more in the “Significant 7”:


You can sign up to get the longer PDF with a lot more resources and details. I think it’s a must read.