“Let’s Fix Your Website” Recap for March 16th, 2021

All of the videos for the online sessions are now in WordPress Toronto | YouTube. This post recaps the exchanges and tips from Let’s Fix Your WordPress Site, 2021-02-16 | WPTO Meetup. This was our 12th online session using Zoom. The requests for help were made in the event page’s comments and in Zoom’s chat … Read more

January 21, 2020 Recap

The January 2020 “Let’s Fix Your Website” meetup was absolutely jam packed with interesting challenges. At this meetup several interesting milestones were reached: The Lokaal meeting space is now sponsored by the Canadian Management Consortium. Thank you to Amy L. Lee for getting this arranged! Thank you to Kevin McIntosh, our host at Lokaal, who … Read more

“Let’s Fix Your Website” Recap for November 19, 2019

Our sincere apologies for not having a recap from the October 2019 “Let’s Fix Your WordPress Site” meetup. I was out of town for that meetup, but our gracious host Dan Stramer took over and handled the event with care. This month we had 21 people show up, and that was a packed full house … Read more

“Let’s Fix Your Website” Recap for September 17, 2019

We had about 15 people come out to the September 2019 edition of “Let’s Fix Your Website.” We switched for fall to third Tuesday’s of the month and will continue to see how this date works. This avoids our Monday statutory holidays that happen just about every month, and also Lokaal has better availability on … Read more

July 2019 – Let’s Fix Your Website recap

This month’s meetup was a surprise. We had 17 people show up out of the 35 people who rsvp’d on meetup.com. In the summer, I thought we would have a light turn out but that was not so. Pizza and drinks were courtesy of Weglot.com. The lovely meetup space was donated courtesy of Lokaal.

Try Weglot at WordPress Toronto’s Translation Workshop

Let’s face it. For most of us, the translation process is overwhelming, expensive and difficult to maintain. Weglot (www.weglot.com) may be the answer. Weglot has developed a WordPress plugin that features a five minute install, activation and initial configuration. Then Weglot translates your copy automatically, on the fly, and creates a best-effort translation using commercial … Read more