“Let’s Fix Your Website” Recap for September 15th, 2020

Video recording of the September 15th, 2020 “Let’s Fix Your WordPress Website” Meetup event.

This post recaps the exchanges and tips from the Let’s Fix Your WordPress Site 2020-09-15 | WPTO Meetup. This was our seventh online session using Zoom.

These notes are in 2 parts. The first is notes taken during the session and then cleaned up and supplemented and a summary and list of links compiled. The notes cover most of the discussion and make the video more useful. The second part of this post is the chat transcript with light editing of the URLs where necessary.

“Cleaned up” refers to light editing to remove surplusage, check URLs and disambiguate where possible.

The requests for help were made in the event page’s comments and in Zoom’s chat messages are included in the first part of the notes and discussed more or less in chronological order.

The session started at 6:30 and ended at ~9:15.

The next session is Let’s Fix Your WordPress Site 2020-10-20 | WPTO Meetup.

WPTO's showcase on Vimeo screenshot image.

WPTO’s showcase on Vimeo

The videos for the online sessions are in a Vimeo showcase, WordPress Toronto – Let’s Fix Your Website Meetup on Vimeo, a screenshot of which is at right.

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Session notes


There were 16 questions from 8 people addressed in the session:

List of links in the session


Does anybody know how to make a third-party website open in your own website’s window without the url showing that you actually went to a different website. In a sense, masking the url of the 3rd party website.

I don’t know if this is ‘legal’ or recommended or maybe bordering on misrepresentation, but someone asked me about it recently as they want to create a homogenous flow for their visitors so the content would appear to be generated from within their site.

Ex 1. Having a survey monkey form embedded in the site without the user actually knowing it is linked to survey monkey OR

Ex. 2. When user clicks on a link that will take them to a different website (set to open in same tab/window), the url for the original website does not change but the content reflects that of the other website.

Let me know if this is done or if something similar can be a solution.

Dan Stramer What you are probably referring to is an iFrame. It allows you to embed another site’s content into yours. This is how YouTube works for example, or Survey monkey. There are other options of embedding via link or JavaScript too. More reading here: Using The HTML Tag To Create Inline Frames | HTML.com.

Robin Macrae Check out:

Alex This would be a poor practice and perhaps invite a lawsuit if any traffic comes as a result. Lots of different ways of introducing content from another site.

Paul Warner

Paul reported that his was unable to reproduce the issue and likely the result of pasting copy from some source that WP couldn’t convert correctly.

Looking for help to fix a little (theme-related?) Gutenberg glitch with this site: Montgomery’s INNovators.

When I use the “paragraph” or “list” block, it defaults to centre-aligned text. With “paragraph”, I can correct it manually block by block but that doesn’t seem to be possible with “list”.

Dan Stramer Can you post a specific page where this happens on your website, before you do any fix, so we can see if it’s a theme related issue or what can cause this.

Paul Warner I went to create a dummy page with the error, but it didn’t happen again. I guess it had been caused the other times by some code that had gotten copied over when I cut and paste the text. Embarrassing, but a relief.

Dan Stramer Not a problem, glad we checked one off the list 🙂 And as for copy/pasting, it’s always good to strip the content of any previous styles.

Alex Sirota There are often problems with using text formatted on another application and usually easier to create the text in the block editor.

Robin Macrae There are a variety of tools which can strip the formatting from a text so that that problem is avoided altogether. Textcleanr is one example of a service that cleans up spaces, line breaks, HTML, Word formatting and other perform basic text operations and supports common text manipulations, find and replace, etc. (s: strip formatting but not URLs from texts | Google Search).

Heather M When you paste content into WP 5.5, the block editor strips out unnecessary code and preserves URLs.

Alex Sirota WP 5.5 does quite a good job processing copied text. Experiment to see what works for you.

Qais Maash

If there is some time, can we talk about “Archive”, why there is always post archive ? is it safe to delete them or just stop them from being generated?

Robin Macrae WordPress Archive Page and Post Grid Explained | Visual Composer Website Builder explains what archive pages add to a site and how to create and use them. See also How To Build A Custom WordPress Archive Page | Smashing Magazine.

Archive pages are a content navigation technique which is to say that an archive of posts by date, category, author, etc. is just a way to select/filter posts and display them in a stipulated order. archive.php is one of the WP core templates.

Heather M Without archive pages, how will people find posts?

Alex Sirota Archive as a term is that comes from the PHP file, archive.php.

Heather M

I am wondering if someone can help me find where the following is backend – WPBakery (Cornerstone) and the Stockholm Child theme for [a client] site.

1. Change email recipient of contact form popup window generated by the Request Consultation button above the header.

2. The Contact form on the Contact page “Say Hello”. The other contact forms on the site are Contact Form 7 which I can find.

Dan Stramer For both items check out the theme’s options panel. The button on the top header and the contact form are part of the theme. That’s my hunch.

The theme’s contact page is in Select Options for the theme, an unusual way for the developer to provide configuration and customization settings.

Select the Request Consultation button with a right click to inspect the button and its URL. See if there’s anything in the code that you use to find the appropriate setting which may control it. We found that the header has a left and right widget reference. On Appearance, find a widget or widgets with a similar sounding label.

Alex Sirota Keep looking in the Select Options.

Dan Stramer Documentation | Stockholm.

Robin Macrae Header Top in the Contact page settings is the key section with the button to turn the top header on and off.

We used Chrome’s Inspector tool to examine the relevant code. Recently, Firefox has added capabilities in regard to CSS that Chrome doesn’t have. The YouTube video below focuses on the CSS advantages of Firefox. The post below addresses other Firefox advantages for developers.

  1. Stop using Chrome if you’re writing CSS | YouTube (Kevin Powell; 2020-03-18). “… if you’re writing CSS, [Firefox] has some amazing features for helping you edit CSS that Chrome just doesn’t have. …”
  2. Calling all web developers: here’s why you should be using Firefox | The JotForm Blog (Ibrahim Nergiz; 2020-08-04)

Sherine SiteGround membership is up and she’s been pitched on using a developer that you use both, wholesale vs retail.

Robin Macrae Developers and agencies offer hosting in part as a convenience to clients and in part to foster ongoing engagement or lock-in. When a client switches to another developer, there are often problems if the hosting isn’t changed at the same time.

Alex Sirota It essential to make clear the roles of the developer and host so as not to become responsible for things you don’t expect or are paid to do.

Gaby Boulos

I’m wondering if someone can help me regarding permissions on WordPress. I’m listed as an administrator but am not receiving plugin updates? How do get access to these updates?

Robin Macrae By plugin updates, are you referring to updates on the plugins admin page of the site?

Sherine I

I have two requests:

  1. Could I get some feedback on my website (navigation, UX, UI). I’m going to redesign the site with Thrive Themes: Sherine Clarke.
  2. I’m looking for a WP Developer to help with an customized conference site: Rocket Aid.

Alex Sirota used the Chrome browser extension, BuiltWith (WhatRuns is a competitor) to generate a report on what a site is using for its CMS, etc. Both have free versions as well as premium.

Nicole Hart Thrive Builder? I’ve never heard of it. Usually the top 3 builders are Divi, Elementor or Gutenberg. [The reference may have been to Thrive Architect.]

Brian Boake

How to develop the traffic on Raptors4TheWin, the pre-launch version.

Alex Sirota Why not an email newsletter to develop interest and avoid giving the content away.

Nicole Hart I

Can I copy a page from one site to another?

Dan The Divi theme has an export feature.

Alex Sirota Elementor templates can be exported: How to Save, Import and Export Templates in Elementor For a Divi tutorial, Exporting & Importing Individual Pages | Divi Soup [“a tutorial website”].


20:25: Weglot is if you want your site in a different language or parts of it maybe?

Alex Sirota on Weglot. Google Translate isn’t available any longer (at least in the form we’ve known it).

Alex explained how Weglot translates a site using WPToronto as an example. A dropdown menu appears in the top right corner of each page and lists the languages from which a reader can choose.

Robin Macrae Regarding Alex’s comment, above, currently, there are 3 kinds of Google translation services:

  1. Google Translate, an online free text translation service.
  2. the Translate app for iOS and Android.
  3. Cloud Translation, sites can programmatically integrate with the translation service. See Cloud Translation documentation | Google Cloud.

Translation is offered in various Editions (Basic and Advanced) with their own pricing plans. The City of Toronto uses Google Translate; see Translate | City of Toronto.

Robin Macrae Check out Website localization for beginners: How does it actually work? | Weglot published 2020-08-25.

Sherine II

Anybody know anything about OBS?

Robin Macrae OBS (Open Broadcaster Software) is free open source software for video recording and live streaming on Windows, Mac or Linux. My YouTube playlist, Tech | SW | OBS has beginner level tutorials which are grouped in a fashion (YouTube is an information architect’s nightmare). The first videos address the basics; the second, the need for a capture card for all but the latest model cameras; and, the third, video specifically on how to stream to the Zoom platform.

  1. Streamlabs OBS (SLOBS) vs OBS Studio. Which One is Better? and Streamlabs OBS vs OBS (Why You Need to Switch Now)
  2. The cheapest capture card money can buy … is actually WORTH buying? (BlueAVS/Goodan USB 2.0 CamLink) (which gave me the confidence to buy one on Amazon or AliExpress
  3. Zoom, at end

Alex Sirota Another option is Otter Network.

Phoebe Thutlwe-Lunga

What recommendations do I need?

Nicole Hart II

Suggestions for a great portfolio display Plugin? (like to showcase your case studies and work)?

The chat transcript

These are the public chat messages sent during the session.

  • 18:49:09 Sherine Clarke: This is my first time here. I didn’t submit my website because I thought we were suppose to do it here. Sorry, I didn’t read the details. 😉 Will there be an opportunity to get help with my site?
  • 18:50:25 Alireza: Hello @Sherine, I think you can post your question in the Meetup page. Hosts will going to answer the questions by order 🙂
  • 18:53:08 Alex Sirota: Please post your questions here – WordPress Toronto – Let’s Fix Your WordPress Site | Meetup.
  • 18:55:03 Jeremy Choi to WordPress Toronto Organizer(Privately): Can you mute Brian Boake.
  • 18:56:50 Sherine Clarke: Thank you Alireza!
  • 19:00:11 rambod: @Qais you can delete the posts, nothing should affect the content of the site.
  • 19:07:35 luisa patagan: hi this is my first time. could you please send the link where to post question?
  • 19:08:05 Dan Stramer: here: WordPress Toronto – Let’s Fix Your WordPress Site | Meetup [comments].
  • 19:25:44 Alireza: can we search one of the phrases in the form, in the website files in the hosting?
  • 19:26:06 Alireza: So that we will find the parent element and the plugin that it is using itSite clinic, 2020–09-15 Tu | WPTO Meetup
  • 19:27:07 Dan Stramer: https://stockholmlanding.select-themes.com/documentation/Site clinic, 2020–09-15 Tu | WPTO Meetup
  • 19:43:01 Jeremy Choi: I can’t hear Sherine.
  • 19:43:20 Jeremy Choi: better
  • 19:45:39 Alireza: I think it is the matter of the separation of the concerns. which can work as a to edge sward. Like if you put all of the shoulders you might save a lot of errands and initial struggles. however, when you divide hosting and developer. you will have more maneuver area in the future if any of the agencies do not offer acceptable services.
  • 19:46:06 Jeremy Choi: Shall we move on? Unless there are no other sites to fix?
  • 19:52:32 Phoebe Thutlwe-Lunga: Hi sorry, I have been trying to fix my SEO and get more traffic in In oceanview I want to know how to do
  • 19:54:57 Alireza: like wappalyzer
  • 19:55:25 Phoebe Thutlwe-Lunga: yes exactly
  • 19:57:18 Alireza: Enfold is for themeforest
  • 19:58:36 Patrick Boake: Sorry folks, get called for supper. Thanks everyone. See you next time.
  • 20:04:20 Jeremy Choi: I challenge you. 3 days!
  • 20:04:24 Jeremy Choi: joking. 😉
  • 20:09:55 Sherine Clarke: CASL
  • 20:10:11 Sandra L.: CASL antispam and then there is GDPR
  • 20:10:27 Sherine Clarke: Canadian Anti-Spam Legislation
  • 20:12:58 Sandra L.: Insider
  • 20:13:18 Jeremy Choi: I know Nick Nurse too!
  • 20:13:27 Jeremy Choi: Just too bad he doesn’t know me. 🙁 lol
  • 20:13:49 HM: Haha
  • 20:14:10 Phoebe Thutlwe-Lunga: I love nurse nick
  • 20:14:30 Jeremy Choi: MailPoet (https://www.mailpoet.com/)
  • 20:14:48 Sherine Clarke: Thanks, Jeremy!
  • 20:15:33 Alex Sirota: raptors4thewin.ca
  • 20:16:06 Alex Sirota: https://raptors4thewin.ca/
  • 20:17:49 Phoebe Thutlwe-Lunga: Hi, but I want to my site to be know of social media
  • 20:17:58 Jeremy Choi: Or write it on Medium 🙂
  • 20:18:32 Phoebe Thutlwe-Lunga: Also my site is inoceanview.ca
  • 20:18:43 Sandra L.: Twitter is great for sports.
  • 20:18:59 Phoebe Thutlwe-Lunga: Twitter is great. Big huge sports fan like me
  • 20:19:05 Sandra L.: I think it’s good to have a site up and running to give it a start date with Google.
  • 20:19:09 Sherine Clarke: What is a good YouTube channel or video Tutorial to help a novice build a website. Suggestions?
  • 20:20:16 Sandra L.: Sherine, check out WPBeginner.
  • 20:20:52 Sherine Clarke: Thanks Sandra!!
  • 20:21:11 Sandra L.: Divi has a whole community as well. It’s a page builder.
  • 20:21:21 Alex Sirota: How to Save, Import and Export Templates in Elementor – Divi export
  • 20:22:27 Alex Sirota: Exporting & Importing Individual Pages.
  • 20:22:30 HM: Weglot is if you want your site in a different language or parts of it maybe?
  • 20:25:11 Sandra L.: I think Phoebe also had a question.
  • 20:28:43 Brian Boake: I have to go. Thanks for the help.
  • 20:31:34 cardminnow@gmail.com: Sorry – have to leave – great meeting tonight!
  • 20:32:13 luisa patagan: thanks everyone. have to go. great discussion.
  • 20:33:04 Alireza: Thank you Alex, for holding this amazing meetup.
  • 20:33:15 Alireza: Have a good one
  • 20:33:17 Jeremy Choi: I also have to go now — thanks for having me. See you in 720 hours.
  • 20:34:13 Dan Stramer: Thanks, have to go
  • 20:35:15 HM: Thanks for your help Dan!
  • 20:36:46 Sandra L.: Thanks everyone. Have to go.
  • 20:51:26 Alex Sirota: Otter Home | Otter Network.
  • 20:55:29 rambod: STEAM
  • 20:56:52 Phoebe Thutlwe-Lunga: Good bye everyone
  • 20:57:39 Nicole Hart: BYE!!
  • 20:57:52 rambod: Thanks everyone 🙂
  • 20:58:05 MB: Thanks everyone
  • 20:58:08 Qais Maash: Thanks all !
  • 21:03:57 Nicole Hart: Have a goodnight everyone!

Robin Macrae (LinkedIn)

That’s it for this month’s Meetup notes and chat transcript.

The next is another online session, Let’s Fix Your WordPress Site 2020-10-20 | WPTO Meetup. RSVP and post your question or request.

Robin Macrae (LinkedIn)