NFP Members Design Problem

Not For Profit Websites (Monthly): Aug: Donation Page Best Practices + more was an excellent Meetup this last Tuesday. At the end of the Meetup, Brent Kobayashi asked for directions on what topics should be considered at the Meetup. Since I had just made a NFP Project proposal for a client – the topic of … Read more

Personal Data Privacy: Rising Issue

It used to be that WordPress Website Security was the number one problem confronting Website Developers. This is primarily due to the army of hackers who are using ever more sophisticated code to break into WordPress websites. However, an excellent Meetup by Andy Mcllwain and Brent Kobayashi – Not For Profit Websites Donation Page Best … Read more

WP East Meetup About Gutenberg

Gutenberg continues to create ripples and reactions among the WordPress community. And this session lead by Andy McIlwain at Kobayashi Online with a full turnout was no exception. Here is the current rating of the Gutenberg plugin at as of Nov 19th 2017: I suspect if a rating were taken of Gutenberg among the  20+ … Read more

Gutenberg Posts At November 1st

In early June of this year, WP’s Gutenberg became available as a beta plugin for WordPress users to try out which we faithfully did. This review gives some samples of  editing in Gutenberg. Our tests found this first beta to fall well short of not only popular PageBuilders like BeaverBuilder, Divi and Elementor but also … Read more

An Informative WP East Session on Themes

WP Themes Trends Andy  McIlwain at WPMeetup East had a host of speakers on the topic of most useful WordPress themes. And the common element among all the speakers was the use of various strong Pagebuilders  combined with savvy Multipurpose themes. This is the state of the art for  Frontend Development in WordPress. The MultiPurpose … Read more

WPToronto East: Plugin Showcase

Our WPToronto East meetup for September 2017 was a roundtable show n’ tell about some of our favourite plugins. Thanks to everyone who submitted plugins to share! This makes an excellent starting point for our Plugins resource page. Working with content Wonder Portfolio Grid (Freemium) Peg was looking for a portfolio gallery plugin that allowed … Read more

WPToronto East: Building Landing Pages in WordPress

July’s WPToronto East meetup followed up on June’s conversation about social media advertising. We discussed the purpose of landing pages, the features of landing pages, and plugins + tools that help us create landing pages in WordPress. These are the takeaways from our conversation: What’s the purpose of a landing page? People make the mistake … Read more

WPToronto East: Social Media Advertising

This month the WPToronto East crew got together to discuss social media advertising. Facebook was (unsurprisingly) a big focus of the conversation, though we did touch on Pinterest and LinkedIn as well. Here’s a look at what we discussed. Next month we’ll be talking about using WordPress to build landing pages, the destination of the … Read more

Let’s Talk SEO, Structured Data & Backlinks

The WPToronto East and WPToronto TO-DOers groups came together last weekend for a couple of lightning talks and a hands-on workshop about SEO. Andy McIlwain presented a lightning talk on the current state of SEO; Robin Macrae presented on adding structured data to improve your site’s appearance in search results; and David Michaels presented on … Read more