Monetizing WordPress Websites: Nov 17th

This was another informative WordPress Meetup hosted by David Michaels which considered a broad brush of topics of interest to 20 attendees. The common topic was  methods to help monetize your WordPress websites. First discussion was about website specializing in motor boats driven by electric engines. The website has substantial worldwide readership but  European countries … Read more

Monetizing Websites at the Baka Cafe

David Michaels and attendees were offering a broad palate of tasty WordPress morsels at this Sunday WP Meetup.And the number of entrees and appetizers generously offered put this notetaker to the test. David as master chef asked which website had 1000 hits per week and looked for some common factors among the websites: Niche website … Read more

NFP Members Design Problem

Not For Profit Websites (Monthly): Aug: Donation Page Best Practices + more was an excellent Meetup this last Tuesday. At the end of the Meetup, Brent Kobayashi asked for directions on what topics should be considered at the Meetup. Since I had just made a NFP Project proposal for a client – the topic of … Read more

Personal Data Privacy: Rising Issue

It used to be that WordPress Website Security was the number one problem confronting Website Developers. This is primarily due to the army of hackers who are using ever more sophisticated code to break into WordPress websites. However, an excellent Meetup by Andy Mcllwain and Brent Kobayashi – Not For Profit Websites Donation Page Best … Read more

WordCamp Toronto 2018 Featuring Gutenberg Is Free

WordCamp Toronto 2018 is coming to the North York Civic Centre at roughly the same time as WordPress 5.0 and the new Gutenberg will be released.  So it should not be a surprise that the  WordCamp theme is Gutenberg  and the Future of WordPress. The timing could not be more  fortuitous because the much delayed … Read more

WordCamp 2018 Topics Survey Processing Challenge

The above screenshot is the first results from processing the WordCamp Toronto 2018 Survey that many Meetup and Toronto WP users may have filled in. This survey is intended to help identify what are current topics of interest to WordPress users for the upcoming TO WordCamp 2018 but also to provide Toronto WordPress meetup organizers … Read more

West End WP Meetup – Aug 15 Website Grading

The West End Meetup was moved  into a new room instead of the palatial City Council Chambers at Etobicoke Civic Centre. Unfortunately, your organizer was so busy figuring out how to work the electronics in the Main Lounge, he neglected to post a notice that the meeting had been moved to the front of the … Read more

West End MeetUp :Live Demo of WordPress SiteBuilders

Okay what is a WordPress SiteBuilder? Shhh don’t tell anyone but this is the potent combo of  a Multilayout Theme [think free Astra, Generate Press, OceanWP] with a top-end PageBuilder [like the free BeaverBuilder lite, Elementor or]. These combo tools have created a new category of WordPress Frontend UI development- the WordPress SiteBuilder. This … Read more

WordPress Database Viewer

At the recent West End Meetup, I noted that WordPress really needed a PHPMyAdmin-like viewer into the WordPress SQL tables. And an attendee chirped “Have you tried ARI Adminer?” No, but now a look see was in order. And lo and behold the ARI Adminer plugin looks and works a lot like PHPMyAdmin as promised: … Read more