WordPress Database Viewer

At the recent West End Meetup, I noted that WordPress really needed a PHPMyAdmin-like viewer into the WordPress SQL tables. And an attendee chirped “Have you tried ARI Adminer?” No, but now a look see was in order. And lo and behold the ARI Adminer plugin looks and works a lot like PHPMyAdmin as promised: … Read more

WordPress MultiPurpose Themes + PageBuilders: A WP Visual Development Revolution

Like many of my fellow WordPress Developers, I do not use the WP Visual Editor but rather employ one of the top 6 WP PageBuilders. There are five  primary reasons for this. First,the Tiny MCE WP editor no longer delivers WYSIWYG development. Many shortcodes and full width pages defeat the tool; Second, PageBuilder carry along … Read more

Let’s Talk SEO, Structured Data & Backlinks

The WPToronto East and WPToronto TO-DOers groups came together last weekend for a couple of lightning talks and a hands-on workshop about SEO. Andy McIlwain presented a lightning talk on the current state of SEO; Robin Macrae presented on adding structured data to improve your site’s appearance in search results; and David Michaels presented on … Read more